marți, 15 septembrie 2015

Tbdress day dresses and totes

It become a custom to present you news from fashion and beauty.Today I want you to present Tbdress, an international online site where you can find clothes and accesories. What I love most about this site are cheap prices and the clothes with an unique style, so different from what I saw on  online sites.

I love dresses so I would like to present you my favorite models from this site. I really like Tbdress casual day dresses .they are modern, yet classic, feminine and so affordable.

A little red dress is a perfect choice for going out or even for the office.Red is one of my favorite colors, I like the vintage style of this dress below, and it is so cheap. 

This red dress will perfectly match with this red snakeskin tote.I am crazy about the cheap prices and totes, on other sites they are more expensive.

Another dress I simply love from this site, is this white dress with a blue embroidery.The flowers are so delicate, and the dress is so feminine.

I imagine myself wearing this dress and this tote, they would look so great together.On the site you can find Tbdress cheap totes perfect for any style and occasion.

Because dressing is a way of life, choose those clothes which will speak for you!
Enjoy your shopping!

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