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Beautiful formal dresses

Beauty is not related to how many kilograms you have, how many centimetres you have in your waist, beauty is more an attitude than a number.

A friend of mine asked me the other days where she can a buy a  plus size formal dress? She went to many shops but she only found dresses for skinny girls.She has some kilograms, but she is looking great and she doesn't have any complex about her weight.

Next month she has a weeding in her family and she needs a special dress. Because she is not such a big fan of the net, I promissed her to find for her a beautiful dress. Fortunately for me I found such beautiful plus size formal dresses australia on beformal.com.au. They have gorgeous dresses and very low prices.

My friend loves blue, that' s why I searched for blue dresses.How about this one above, isn't it great?

You can find many plus size formal dresses, and I will show the site to my friend, and we'll order one. 

On this site, you can also find all kind of dresses for those special occasion in your life. Every woman can find her perfect dress on the site.

Here you have a list where you can choose your favorite vintage formal dresses.I love vintage style,it is so chic.

Every woman deserve to look gorgeous, so don't be afraid to sparkle in a formal

 dress no matter the way you look, because deep inside, we are all princesses!

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