marți, 2 februarie 2016

Bridal shoes on Shoespie

Hello, my dear ladies! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects: weddings.  Because the season of weddings will come soon, I want to present you some cheap bridal shoes- here from

After you have chosen your dress, you also have to find the ideal shoes for the wedding dress. They have to complete the whole outfit, to emphasise the beauty of your special dress.

Because I have to go to a wedding in the summer I also searched for wedge sandals- here.
I generally prefer comfortable shoes like wedges, because they ofer me the freedom I need while walking and dancing.

The dress I will wear at the wedding is black and white, so I thought about some wedges like these above, they are very pretty. Wedges shoes are also recommended to be wore when you have problems with your back, because they are very comfortable and they offer  the comfort of your spine.  is for me the perfect place where I can find my dream shoes.

Appealing Contrast Color Coppy Leather Wedge Sandals

But if you are a bride you have to chose some special shoes to reflect the beauty of your whole outfit, they do not have to be ordinary or simple, because hey, you are supposed to be bride only once in a lifetime.

If one day I will ever be a bride, I will choose these bridal shoes. Although they are high heels, the design is so unque, I simply love the lace which adorns the shoes. You can find them on red if you prefer to wear it to another special event. I think I will order them on red, because I have many red dresses, and they are so perfect.

 Luxurious Rhinestones Elegant Lace Flower  Wedding Shoes

Or maybe you prefer something low like these shoes above. The heel seems very comfortable, and the design of the shoe is very delicate. 

Sweet Lace Flower Bridal Shoes

On, you can find a paradise of shoes for every occasion in your life and adapted to your style. If your order is over 69 $, the shipping is free.


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  1. Imi place prima pereche. Nu stiu daca se poarta anul asta platforma dar modelul este tare dragut


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