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Design your house-Banana Leaf Print Decor

All our life is designed after strict rules and standards, because we live in a society where we all have to respect laws and rules.
But my house is the only place where there are no strict rules, because it is a project designed by our dreams and desires. My house is the center of my universe, that's why I am thinking to redesign the style of my house.There are new sites like Laurel&Wolf where you can get interior design help online and even work with a designer. I love colors and eccentric designs so I thought to a a leaf pattern.

Banana leaf and and Palm print decor are timeless motifs since 1942, when an american designer Don Loper installed banana leaf wallpapers in Beverly Hills Hotel.

I love light spaces, that is why a design with banana leaf wallpaper will bring lot of light and color and create the illusion of a bigger space.

I think I will choose this wallpaper design for the living room, because it is filled with light, and we can create a familiar space, where we can receive our guests, Of course some plants are necessary to complete the design.


Choosing this style for your house, not only does will give you a relaxing mood, but also will inspire you to meditating and inner thinking. I was thinking to redecorate our bathroom, by choosing banana leaf curtains and a green carpet. Some paintings with leaves and our bathroom can become the most relaxing room of the house.


If you adopt this style and you don't prefer light colors, you can choose dark colors to paint the walls, and redecorate your room with green leafs patterns, like adding some plants in the rooms, changing the bed linen with some bright green ones, or even adding a leaf green carpet in the room.


How about Banana Leaf clothes? Will these inspire you?

No matter the trend, 
redesign your house with Laurel and Wolf

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  1. Imi place :). As decora in acest stil balconul mai ales ca imi pla florile. Un spatiu relaxant unde sa imi beau cafeaua si sa citesc o carte :)

  2. foarte interesant si daca ai avea la bloc un asemenea spatiu amenajat ,ar fi ideal

  3. Looks very nice and fresh! I mostly like the banana print leaf on fashion items, very stylish!


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