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Unique Prom Dresses

Inside every woman it is a little girl who is dreaming to become a princess. I also had this dream when I was a little girl, and I still want to feel like a princess in my life. This year one of my friends is graduating highschool and she has a special prom where all the girls will be dressed beautifully.

She is very worried because she wants to look perfect, but she doesn't want an ordinary dress from a local boutique where she can buy the same dress that maybe one of her collegues bought. She wants to be unique. 

Style is unique and she wants to be the prom queen, because she is very beautiful and she is a very popular girl in the highschool. 

That's why I helped her and I presented to my friend Toronto Prom Dresses. This is a special online site where you can find gorgeous prom dresses for becoming the prom queen.

One of my favorites dresses from the site is this fuchsia dress with cristal details and sweetheart neckline. I always adored this type of dress with a sweetheart neckline. I love this dress it is so sweet and feminine.
Sweetheart Fuchsia Tulle Beading Lace-up Princess Prom Dresses #PED020100364

I also like this dress made from tulle and with lace appliques. It is kind of vintage, but for me this is perfect. I think I will order for myself as I have many formal events in the following period. You can also find it in other combination with different lace appliques colors.

Open Back A-line Sweetheart Tulle with Appliques Lace Popular Prom Dresses #PED02016448

My friend really loves this asymmetrical dress above, it is more here style, and she can choose from many colors. She was thinking to order a burgundy color. The dress it is made of chiffon. It is very sexy, yet very interesting don't you think? It is said life is too short to wear boring dresses.

New Asymmetrical Chiffon with Beading Sweetheart Green Prom Dresses #PED02042214

In this dress she will be for sure the heart of the party and even win the prom. 

I like the site PickeDresses because you can find unique dresses for those special occasions in your life. No matter if you participating to a prom, a wedding or to a formal event, with the help of you can become the princess you have always dreamt to be. 

Me and my friend will make for sure an order on this site, we have chosen our amazing dresses.
No matter the dress you are wearing, don't forget what Yves Saint Laurent said: Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it
So don't forget about the attitude this is also very important.


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  1. a doua mi se pare superba, chiar ar trebui sa ma uit de o rochie ca acusi merg la botez

  2. What a girlie poem :) love it and also I adore all these dresses:)

  3. Primele 2 rochii sunt fabuloase. Prima imi place mult dar prefer sa o admir de la distanță dar a doua o pot purta la o ocazie specială .... un eveniment!


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