joi, 28 mai 2015

Review-My favorite Tbdress

Every girl dreams about her first prom or homecoming when she is in high-school. I also dreamt about this when I graduated my high school, but 10 years ago there weren't such a big fuss about proms or dresses.

Thinking about those memorable times I spent in highschool makes me feel nostalgic,but also happy. I wish I had a time machine to travel back in time, when I was a teenager and see myself as I was then. It will be a great experience to see how I was then and how I am now.

When I was in high school, I had a crush for dresses.This thingh hasn't changhed at all, I still have many dresses and I like wearing them no matter the occasion.

As I was talking about proms and homecoming dresses, I have found an online site filled with gorgeous dresses for those special occasions in your life. On Tbdress you can find dresses for weddings, proms, or homecoming.

Homecoming events are an important opportunity where you can socialize, meet new people,have fun but you can also wear the perfect dress and become the queen of the event. If you want to sparkle and be the princess of the ball you have to choose a tbdress.

I have selected my favorite homecoming dresses from the site:

 A little red dress which is  elegant, but also very sexy. 

A gorgeous dress perfect to conquer his heart :) So sweet.Seeing this dress it made me think to a modern Ariel Princess.

A  perfect tutu dress for a modern princess

You can see more  homecoming dresses under 100$ on the site.


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